Should You Rent a Temperature-Controlled Storage Unit in Rupert, Idaho?


If you are planning to store your belongings in a self-storage unit, you must make important decisions. First, you must consider whether you need an indoor storage unit or a drive-up unit. Second, consider if a standard unit or a climate-controlled unit will work for you. 

For some people, temperature-controlled storage units rupert idaho are not necessary, but others need them. Indoor storage units that are not heated or air conditioned can effectively maintain a stable temperature. But for some belongings, you need to think about temperature-controlled storage units. A reputable storage facility has a range of storage units to suit almost all storage needs. 

What to Know About Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate-controlled storage units feature temperature control. They don’t have humidity control. They can be air-conditioned, heated, or both. They are available in a range of sizes and can be indoor or drive-up units. These units are often pricier than standard storage units because of the extra cooling and heating maintenance costs. 

Items that You Can Store in a Temperature-Controlled Unit

Temperature-controlled storage units can accommodate any item. Regardless of the items you are storing the units can provide a comfortable environment. But some objects need to be stored in these units. These include the following:

  • Wood items. Extreme temperatures can cause items that are made of wood to warp. From small keepsakes to wooden furniture, these items are more temperature-sensitive than others. In addition, they are especially susceptible to moisture damage.
  • Electronics. Heat can seriously damage electronics. Also, extreme cold can be bad, particularly for electronics that have screens including LCD screens. In addition, ink cartridges can freeze.
  • Leather. To prevent leather from cracking, store leather items in temperature-controlled units. 
  • Paint. Frozen paint cannot be used anymore even after it thaws. Storing it in a temperature-controlled storage unit can prevent this from happening. 
  • Artwork. Paintings should be kept away from extreme heat or cold to preserve their beauty and value. 

Items that You Cannot Storage in a Temperature-Controlled Unit

All items that you cannot store in standard storage units cannot also be stored in temperature-controlled units. Storage facilities differ in their requirements. But generally, perishable food, animals, and illegal items cannot be stored in storage units. Also, you may not be allowed to live out of a unit. To be sure about the items that you can and cannot store in the storage unit, read the facility’s rules and regulations or contact a representative from the facility itself. 

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