21 Best Side Hustles for Nurses to Make Money


Nurses work hard in healthcare but sometimes need extra money. They have busy schedules, so they want side jobs that won’t stress them out.

This guide reveals 21 great side gigs just for nurses based on the information provided by Side Hustle Ideas Database

These jobs pay well and fit into their busy lives. Whether they’re experienced or just starting out, nurses can use their skills to make extra cash. 

21 Best Side Hustles for Nurses

1. Medical Surveys

Nurses can make extra money by taking part in medical surveys. With your nursing background, you can share valuable insights on different parts of the medical field like medical tools, drugs, treatments, and technology.

There are two main types of opportunities: in-person focus groups and online surveys. In focus groups, you discuss and get interviewed, which can take a few hours but pay well.

Online surveys let you give feedback in writing whenever you have time. Both ways help you earn extra cash while helping improve healthcare, using your nursing skills and experience.

2. Telehealth Nurse

Telehealth nursing is becoming more popular as a side job, giving nurses a chance to work from home and make extra money. With virtual healthcare on the rise, telehealth nurses can help patients without leaving their homes.

They do remote consultations, check symptoms, and suggest treatments. It’s flexible—you can do it for a few hours a day or even full-time.

During COVID-19, telehealth grew a lot because people wanted to avoid going to the doctor’s office. This job lets nurses use their skills to help patients and earn more money.

3. Medical Transcription

For nurses who want to make extra money without dealing directly with patients, medical transcription is a great side job. You listen to recordings of medical stuff like doctor’s notes and patient histories, then write them down.

Your nursing background helps you understand and write these records accurately. This job is flexible—you can work when it suits you, which is great for busy people like parents.

Whether you’re transcribing at home or during breaks at work, medical transcription lets you earn more money by using your medical knowledge.

4. Nurse Blogger or Health Writer

For nurses who like writing and want a flexible job, nurse blogging or health writing is perfect. You can start your own nursing blog or write for healthcare companies. Blogging lets you write when you want, focusing on topics you know and love in healthcare.

You can also use your writing skills to help companies with accurate healthcare content. Many companies want registered nurses to make sure their materials are top-notch.

As a freelance healthcare writer, you can write web content, blogs, and educational stuff. You might also work on marketing for medical places. This job lets you teach and inform using your nursing background while making extra money.

5. First Aid Instructor

If you’re a nurse already, becoming a first-aid instructor can be a good way to earn extra money. You’ll teach people and employees important first-aid skills to help in emergencies. Lots of places need their staff to have first-aid training regularly, so there’s always a need for instructors.

Since you already know a lot about healthcare, getting certified as a first-aid instructor doesn’t take much extra training. You can work just a few hours a week, which is great for making extra cash.

Teaching others these important skills not only helps you earn more money but also keeps your community safer and healthier. It’s a rewarding side job for nurses.

6. CPR Instructor

For nurses, getting certified as a CPR instructor can bring in extra cash.

With your nursing skills, you’re well-prepared to teach life-saving techniques to individuals and groups. CPR classes are usually short, and you can pick hours that work for you.

Teaching CPR not only helps you make more money but also makes your community safer and healthier.

Lots of people, like parents, teachers, and healthcare workers, want CPR certification, so there’s always a need for instructors. This side job lets you make a difference and earn more money without needing to commit a lot of time.

7. Health Coach

For nurses who love wellness, becoming a health coach can bring in extra money. First, pick what you’re passionate about—like nutrition, weight loss, fertility, or joint health.

You can offer your services online through platforms like Zoom or in-person, depending on what your clients prefer. Your nursing background gives you an edge in understanding and guiding people toward their health goals.

One great thing is you get to set your own rules. You choose how much to charge and make a schedule that works for you. Whether you want a flexible part-time job or a full-on business, health coaching lets you customize it how you like. This side job lets you combine your nursing skills with your passion for helping others get healthier, making it rewarding both financially and personally.

8. Teach or Tutor Nursing Students Online

Use your nursing knowledge to help nursing students by offering online tutoring or teaching. Nursing exams and coursework can be tough, and your help can really boost their success.

You can tutor online or in-person, fitting your services around your schedule and preferences. You can cover a range of topics, from basic patient care to tricky subjects like medical coding.

Plus, you can share study tips to help them do well in their nursing exams. This side job lets you earn extra money while giving back to the nursing community and supporting future nurses. It’s a flexible and rewarding option for nurses who want more financial opportunities.

9. Part-time Caregiver

For nurses who love helping others, being a part-time caregiver can be a fulfilling side job. This job lets you customize your services to fit your skills and preferences.

You can work with different groups, like the elderly, children with special needs, or people recovering from injuries. Your nursing skills make you perfect for providing important support, such as bathing, dressing, cooking, or shopping.

Whether you want extra money or just enjoy helping, this side job lets you use your nursing knowledge in a meaningful way. You can pick when you’re available and choose the type of caregiving you want to do, giving you both financial and emotional rewards.

10. Per Diem Shifts

For nurses who want extra money without a full-time job, per diem shifts are a flexible option. Companies like Clipboard Health offer chances for nurses to work freelance, choosing shifts when they’re available.

The great thing about per diem work is how adaptable it is. You control your schedule, taking shifts when you want and skipping them when you need a break. This flexibility lets you balance your main nursing job with extra income.

Whether you’re filling gaps in your schedule or saving up for something special, per diem nursing gives you financial freedom. It’s perfect for nurses who like having control and want to make more money without a fixed schedule.

11. Immunization Nurse

Immunization nurses play a crucial role in meeting the high demand for vaccinations, particularly in recent times.You can work on-call, jumping in where your skills are needed most. This lets you keep your main nursing job while earning extra money in your spare time.

One big plus is the chance to travel. During COVID-19, nurses went to different states to give vaccines, making more money while helping communities.

To start, find places that need immunization nurses and offer your services to clinics, hospitals, or vaccination sites. This side job not only pays well but also lets you help with public health efforts.

12. Lactation Consultant

If you’re experienced in caring for moms and babies, becoming a lactation consultant can be a rewarding side job for nurses. Lactation consultants help new moms with breastfeeding challenges, providing crucial support.

You can choose when you work, offering in-person or virtual consultations based on your preference. Many new moms feel stressed about breastfeeding, and your help can ease their worries.

As a lactation consultant, you set your own rates and tailor your services to local needs. Your nursing background gives you the knowledge and empathy to guide moms through breastfeeding issues.

This side job lets you make a real difference for moms and babies while earning extra money, making it a fulfilling option for nurses with expertise in this area.

13. Clinical Trial Nurse

Clinical trials are crucial for advancing medical treatments, and as a clinical trial nurse, you can be part of this important process while making extra money. Universities and medical facilities often run clinical trials, offering opportunities for nurses to join in.

Whether you want to work locally or are okay with traveling, there are options for you. Your job involves giving experimental treatments, keeping an eye on patients, and collecting data. It’s important to be detail-oriented and stick to strict rules.

You might need special training or certification in clinical research to get started. This side job not only pays well but also lets you contribute to groundbreaking medical discoveries. 

14. Phlebotomist

Phlebotomists are always needed in healthcare. If you’re good at drawing blood, this side job can bring in good money. You can offer your phlebotomy services to clinics, hospitals, or labs that need someone skilled in blood collection.

When there’s a shortage of nurses, there are often more opportunities for phlebotomists, so there’s usually plenty of work. Whether you want to work part-time or fill gaps in your schedule, phlebotomy offers flexibility.

To start, think about getting any certifications you need and connecting with people in your local healthcare community. This side job not only lets you use your medical skills but also provides an important service in patient care.

15. Door-to-Door Nurse

A Door-to-Door Nurse is a great side job for nurses who want flexibility and extra money. You get to pick when you work, which is perfect for nurses with different schedules. As the name suggests, you’re a mobile nurse, going to people’s homes to give them healthcare help.

Your job involves lots of tasks, like helping with hygiene, giving prescribed medicines, doing important blood tests, and taking care of basic medical needs. This side job is especially good for families with older members who need regular check-ups to make sure they’re okay and catch any health issues early.

The need for healthcare at home is growing, so this is a good opportunity for nurses to make more money while helping people who need it.

16. Maternal Care Provider

Supporting new moms in caring for their babies after childbirth can be a fulfilling and profitable side job for nurses. Many new mothers, especially those without much support or facing health issues, need help with baby care.

As a maternal care provider, your nursing skills make you perfect for this role. You’ll give advice on caring for infants, breastfeeding, and supporting moms after birth. To start, you can offer your services on your own or team up with maternity clinics and groups that help new moms.

This side job not only lets you fulfill your desire to nurture and care for others but also helps new moms handle the challenges of motherhood while giving you extra income.

17. Cosmetic Injector

For nurses who know about cosmetic fillers, becoming a cosmetic injector can be a profitable side job. You can offer this service on your own or in a social setting.

Individually, you’ll visit patients at home to give cosmetic injections, making it easy and comfortable for them. Or, you can make it more fun by hosting spa parties.

These events offer a relaxed and enjoyable setting for clients to get injections while mingling with others.

18. Birth Doula

Being a Birth Doula can be a rewarding but demanding side job for nurses. Like doctors, birth doulas are on call 24/7 because childbirth doesn’t stick to a schedule. This side gig is best for nurses who can be available anytime.

As a birth doula, you support pregnant moms emotionally and physically from pregnancy to childbirth. You help them have a more natural and positive birth experience by giving comfort, reassurance, and guidance. It needs flexibility and being ready to work at any time, but the rewards are worth it.

Birth doulas make a big difference in creating a positive birth environment and can earn well while helping expectant moms and their families in a meaningful way.

19. Start A Medical Podcast

Starting a medical podcast is a great way for nurses to earn extra money. Podcasts are popular because people can listen while doing other things. As a nurse, you can share your knowledge with a wide audience.

To make your podcast successful, find a unique angle in healthcare to focus on. Look at other healthcare podcasts to make sure yours stands out. Then, make content that interests your target audience. You could talk about the latest medical news, give wellness advice, or share your nursing stories. Your podcast should be informative and interesting.

As your podcast grows, you can make money through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, or listener support. Eventually, your podcast can be a rewarding side job, letting you earn money while teaching and entertaining your audience.

20. Create A YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel as a nurse is an exciting way to earn extra money while sharing your healthcare knowledge. You can make videos that help a wide audience. For example, you could give tips to nursing students, share your experiences, talk about healthcare issues, and give advice.

To make money from your YouTube channel, you need lots of viewers. As your channel gets more popular, you can show ads, which pay you based on how many people watch them and interact with them.

You can also expand your online presence by starting Instagram or TikTok accounts to connect with even more people and make more money.

21. Sell Courses Online

Making and selling online courses is a great side job for nurses, offering the chance to earn money without much ongoing effort. You don’t need a teaching degree to start. Here are two ways to do it:

  1. Live teaching: You can teach classes either in person or online. You interact with students, answer their questions, and track their progress in real-time.
  2. Online course platforms like Udemy: Here, you make and sell courses that students can take at their own pace. You can decide if you want to offer standalone courses or provide extra support options for a fee, like email or phone help, or live sessions on Zoom.

This side job is great because you create the course content once and sell it many times, potentially earning passive income. Just make sure to keep your courses up-to-date with the latest info to keep them successful.

These 21 side hustle ideas aren’t for you? Don’t worry. Just visit the Side Hustles Database to explore more options. To discover which side hustle suits your personality and goals, you can also take the side hustle quiz.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the earning potential for nursing side hustles?

The earning potential for nursing side hustles can vary widely, usually falling between $50 to $150 or even more per hour. However, actual earnings depend on the specific side hustle you pursue.

Roles such as participating in medical surveys or doing medical transcription generally offer lower pay rates.

On the other hand, positions like telehealth nursing, remote nursing jobs, or working as a doula have the potential to bring in $150 or more per hour.

2. Can I manage a side job alongside my nursing career?

Yes, it’s possible to manage a side job alongside your nursing career, but it’s important to avoid burnout. Nursing can be demanding, so it’s crucial to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life. Only consider taking on extra hours for your side job on days when you can handle them without becoming overwhelmed.

While most employers won’t prohibit having a side hustle, some may prefer you to take on extra shifts within your current workplace instead of dividing your focus elsewhere.

Clear communication with your employer is key to ensuring you meet your professional obligations while exploring side hustle opportunities.

3. Are there legal or ethical considerations when pursuing nursing side hustles?

I’d advise you to check your nursing contract and workplace rules to make sure you follow legal and ethical rules.

Keeping information confidential and avoiding conflicts of interest are significant considerations when juggling your nursing job with side hustles.

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